About Us


Chris Brown, owner of Aquatic Creations started in this business doing large commercial projects in Arizona, California and Hawaii, as well as a few other states. Chris has been creating water features, lakes and streams, both residential and commercial for over 20 years. He brings his years of specialized experience and dedication to every project we do. Aquatic Creations has been in the Phoenix Metro area building natural rock water features and commercial features on new and remodeled pools as well as golf course lakes and streams for over ten years. Our reputation precedes us, we are acknowledged for our honesty, quality and service from many major pool companies in the Phoenix metro area. Our designers know about manipulation of water, what is required to achieve certain flow, moods and actions. Our goal is to create the most natural, aesthetically pleasing water feature possible and we are proud to say we have won awards for our work.

The job site is pre-sited for proper access, and to troubleshoot and prevent any potential problems. Our team of designers build the water feature by hand selecting the boulders and placing them like a mosaic to create a quality crafted water feature with lasting beauty. We pride ourselves with quality workmanship and attention to every detail and installation and customer service. Without pride, quality and service you are just another water feature company.